A group to advertise your freebies!


I decided to create a group to advertise your freebie items, it's called Freebies R' Us.
We are a group dedicated to advertise blog & personal websites that offer scrap or psp / ps free goodies.Who can join?If you like print size or tagger size scrap kits and materials for your own creations in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop but don't have too much time to search for freebies, they will be mailed to you! easy right? Only group owners will send mail, making sure you don't get clogged with unnesesary mail; just the free stuff you like!

After advertising your 1st freebie, your link will be added to the group links area. You just need to send me an email with the info everytime you have a new freebie to pass it on to the group members. If its possible, you can include a preview too.

**** Important **** Your blog or site can have PTU items, but we will only advertise the freebies

we advertise:
- print size & tagger size scrap kits
- papers, background, scripts, actions, quickpages, templates, greyscaled items, renders, textures, overlays, tubes, mask, gradients, brushes, shapes, vector shapes...pretty much everything!

If insterested, send an email to acevedo17pr@yahoo.com then in the body of the email:

Name or screen name:

Name of your site or blog:


It contains adult language or images? - just to make our members aware before they visit -

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