I have a new blog!

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Hi everyone!  On scrapping I've been sooooo lost for a while! But creative juice is starting to flow again, a big tagger kit is comming soon
Also letting you now about my new blog about beauty, makeup & everything in between; its called My Random Stash
Hope you don't mind but I have decided to add a PayPal donation button. Like the header reads, donations really make my stuff free.  I'm unemployed right now and getting materials to create new thing have become a little difficult. Hope you understand and don't get mad.  If you can't donate it doesn't matter, just keep downloading the goodies and please leave me a comment, you don't have an idea of how happy that makes me :D

New Wallpapers

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click to view full size and rigth click to save

about my preset shapes tou

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In some preset shapes I put the wrong TOU, added the one for scrapkits, elements & papers.
You CAN use preset shapes for commercial use as the final result of them is yours. Credit is not necesary, If you do so, I'll be very grateful & honored.
Sorry for the missunderstood!




crown charms

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Some elements I made while ago but forgot to post...life got in the middle! They are available in the same 9 colors in gold and silver also


at least a boy-ish kit

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click on image for a better preview

click here to download

At last found creativity & courage enoug to leave girly stuff out and try something boy related. Please be kind since this is my first try! Hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did! Some of the elements where made using scripts from: And others made with the preset shapes I have offered on the blog: tombats , keroppi , JD, BB. Kit includes a loooot more things, I just wanted to avoid preview from being too crowded

acid tiles paper pack

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new kit & alpha

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I wanted to make something for valentine's, but was too late. Started making alphas, just something random, but ended up with frames, papers & well...a kit! LOL Then, the issue was naming it; couldn't find anything that I liked because this kit had something romantic, but not all of it. I asked a friend for help & sudenly came to me "Gladys friendship". I have two very appreciated & loved friends with that name; Gladys Soto & Gladys Melendez. Soto is one of my dearest internet friends & Melendez is more than a co-worker; she's like a mother to me. For you my dearest & crazy friends!

I wish you get interested in this kit since has a lot of thing I've never tried before; like this frame/wordart; the baby is my niece Andrea when she was weeks old:

*not all elements are shown*



new awards

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thanks sooo much to other blogger friends to pass me this cute awards. As a lot of us, started knowing little about digital scrapping & ended up with help from great creators & a lot of friends

I pass this along to:

february desktop calendars

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Like everyone else on Digital Scrapping Class group, got carried away & started making desktop calendars. The first one resulted kind of small & odd size LOL

dimensions 800 x 675
Think this one is good for people that don't like images to cover the whole desktop because sometimes makes difficult to see your icons.
The second one was done using my blackberry mini kit. Got help on sizing from Andrea Ullmann from DSC group, thank you soooo much!
dimensions 1024 x 768

To get them click on preview & then right click to save the original image on full size

new elements

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Due to their resolution, are intended to use on tags & other web proyects. The "color me cards" are 300dpi, but might end up being small on a full size LO.
There are more colors & patterns included on each package





flowers in bold colors!

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Hi there! have not posted something new since...mmm...last year! jajajaja
Hope this year gives everyone beautiful things, more joy, more love, lots of health!
Here are some flowers made with Redfield plugin, added a little noise to make it look like glitter & brilliant colors to make them pop! Was trying to make something similar to flowers mom used for christmas decorations. Not exactly the same, but I'm satisfied with the result. For their resolution, they are best for tags & other web projects *not for printing*. Package includes more color combinations


*click on image for a clearer preview*