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I started as a tagger, it was my "yoga" to release stress. I don't know what have happened, but I'm blocked...don't remember how much have passed since I created a new tag besides the Nostalgic Cafe one -xtras are on a prev post - Scrap have taken so much on me that when I begin a tag all of a sudden realize that...its not a tag, its a mini kit! LOL. Hope to get focused on tags again!
Anyway, I was wondering if any tagger over there have downloaded my work and created something with it; I would LOOOOOOVE to see it!!!. And if you use it t create a LO or something else, share it with me please. I create a lot of things but I'm not sure if they are useful, the right size, quality...anyway, I would like to see what came out of any of my kits or elements. Also, will be trilled to find out that my preset shapes have been used by other scrappers to create their own kits!
I'm working right now on creating a standard presentation for my stuff...each preview is different and post looks messy...I think
Also, would like to thank those great designers that made tags for me when I didn't know how to and scrappers that offered their creations for free; even when they had to purchase scripts, programs and other stuff to create. Tagging and scrapping takes a lot of time & patience; the fact that you don't get profit of it shows that you do it with love & passion for design. I could not let out groups & forum classes, they also take their time to teach us and in a lot of cases, students have also started their own bussines doing what they love!
OMG! I started doing a simple request and got all emotional! LOL


Anastácio Soberbo says
September 27, 2008 at 2:06 PM

Hola, me encanta el blog.
Lo siento no escribir más, pero mi español es malo escrito.
Un abrazo de Portugal